GOTW Plague Tapes #54

Tuesday 14th July 15.00

Plague Tapes #54 see’s Dr. Groove on this wet Bastile day.  We are a full week on from the last PT’s but that does not mean we are any the wiser.   Andrew is along with the news and we are waiting to see how this develops.  Production has obviously slowed down, but the quality remains as does the format.  The hour of good music is mostly instrumental, and mellow culmiliating with a run of three outanding songs at the end.

News with Andrew, where we take an honest look at where we are at.  And the news is not bad and not good.  We are seeing an increase in both the 5 day case average and the 7 day case average.  We know that the median age of those getting infected is 31.  We know that 74% of cases are under 45 years of age.  This could be similar to what happened in the US in Texas and Florida.  Andrew clarifies the figure for not being tested after being contacted, and that was always at 85% for the first test, but it drops off for the second one.   Finally we close with what Andrew calls a morality tale from Catawba county…. see pic below

Wheel of morality turn, turn turn,

tell us the lessons that we must learn.

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove


  1. Brontis ––>  Anything but Smooth
  2. Moses Boyd  ––>  Time and Space
  3. Mogwai  ––> Ether – with a bit of Howard Zinn
  4. An Galar Dub  ––>  Echo 180
  5. Daniel Avery  ––>  Citizen / Nowhere
  6. Floating Points  ––> Sea Watch
  7. Idris Mohammad ––> Peice of Mind
  8. QRTR ––> All of my
  9. Moderat  ––> Rusty Nails (Shackleton Remix)
  10. Kate Gately ––>  Waltz
  11. Brigid Mae Power  ––> Head Above Water
  12. Robert Wyatt  ––>  Free Will and Testament
  13. Mark Pritchard ––> Sad Alron

News with Andrew:  Cases on the increase on the average cases on both the 5 day and 7 day average, and we look to figure out where we are this pandemic, and what is coming next.

That’s all folks


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