GOTW Plague Tapes #57

Wednesday 19th August 19.00hrs

Plague Tapes #57 comes in after another two weeks of radio silence.  We are definitely in the second wave, the surge that we predicted, and the infection rate is high.   The format has not changed.  Over an hour of music and some whitterings from Dr. Groove and then followed by the news from Andrew and it is not looking particularly good.   We appear to want the plague to go away, but there appears little will on the part of the new government to make the hard decisions, and do what’s been asked for, like some enforcement, transparency, accountability, and closing down the places which flagratntly disregard safety around this.

The music is good, and we go from violins to roack to song to pop to rap to stange and soft finishing with something wonderful from Japan.

News with Andrew, discusses where we are at.   This brings us no joy to report that the surge took place.  The local county lock down looks like it will lift for two of the counties, but that’s about it for good news.   We’ve gone from an infection rate of 2.6 per 100,000 to 26 per 100,000 and that comes from outbreaks not being dealt with appropriately, the same issues that came to light three months ago.   Kildare is now up at an infection rate of over 200 per 100k, and there are arguments that other counties are close to needing to be locked down.   The average number of cases is now running at about 114 and the Govt. speak of continuing to plan for the opening of schools and Universities, in spite of all the figures going in the wrong direction.  Andrew contrasts what should happen with what will happen, and it does not please us to be right about such things.

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove


  1. Helado Negro  ––> Echo for Camperdown curio
  2. Laurie Anderson & Kronos Quartet ––> Helicopters over Downtown
  3. Fountaines DC ––> A Heroe’s Death
  4. Juana Milina ––> In the Lassa
  5. Leonard Coehn ––>  The Partisan
  6. The Knife ––> Heartbeats
  7. Ty ––> World Of Flaws
  8. Lauren Halo ––> Rome Theme I
  9. Felix Laband ––> Righeteous Red Berets
  10. Brontis ––> Zilch
  11. Fuck Buttons ––> The Lisbon Maru
  12. Lorn ––> Be Slow, Honey
  13. Radiohead ––> Worryworth
  14. Sunken Foal ––> Softies
  15. Jamie XX ––> Sleep Sound
  16. Susumo Yakota  ––> Floating G

News with Andrew: Taking a closer look at the Covid 19 Surge that we are living through right now

17. SAULT  ––> Wildfires


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