GOTW Plague Tapes #59

Sunday 6th September  19.00hrs

Plague Tapes #59 comes to you ad Dr. Groove feels like the low hanging downer fog is lifting and he is emerging back into the plague, in improving form.   The music is good as always, unfortunately the news from Andrew does not give us solid grounds for optimism. More like walking on a bog.

News with Andrew, discusses where we are at.  It is a story of a six fold increase in average numbers cases.  Averaging as we went into September at over 100 per day, and our near neighbours in the Northern Ireland are even doing worse than us.  There is worrying signs are that we don’t appear to have much capacity, and schools going back, and soon colleges, we fear for where we might be headed.

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove


  1.  SAULT––> Out the lies
  2. SAULT ––> Bow feat. Michael Kiwanuka
  3. Rival Consoles  ––> Vibrations on a String
  4. Boards of Canada  ––> Happy Cycling  (Peel Sessions)
  5. Lloyd Cole & the commotions  ––> 2CV
  6. Jeff Buckley ––> Satisfied Mind
  7. John Lee Hooker ––> Boogie Chillin’
  8. Nina Simone ––> Here Comes the Sun
  9. Autechre ––> Autumn Acid (Aphex Twin Acid Mix
  10. DJ Koze  ––> Colours of Autumn feat, Speech
  11. James Holden & the Animal Spirits ––> Go Gladly into the Earth
  12. Brigid Mae Power –> Head Above Water
  13. Camper Van Beethoven ––> Take the skinheads bowling
  14. Fugazi ––> Give me the cure
  15. Floating Points ––> Anasickmodular
  16. The Raincoats ––> Only Loved at night

News with Andrew: Taking a closer look with cases bobbing around at about 100 per day, and schools returned, and soon to be joined by colleges.

17. Double Dee & Steinski  ––> Woke up


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