GOTW Plague Tapes #62

Wednesday 30th September 19.00hrs 

Plague Tapes #62 – put together on a damp dark day, as we slip further into autumn and draw closer to the winter.  Winter is coming.  As I heard someone say, I for one, no longer want to live in ‘interesting times’.   I think we are all feeling it.   An hour of music and hope followed by the news.

News with Andrew, discuss how we might be about to stabilise in Dublin, and what does that look like.   Acceptable level is a term that is bandied around, but what does that actually mean when you have C19 looking rampant in Northern Ireland. (320 cases to our 363 cases yesterday, and about 180 of them in Dublin, and an estimated positivity test rate of 8% in NI) appears to be high level of infection of a virus that has killed more than 1 million people, worldwide.  Andrew talks about how the agenda has been manoeuvred by vested interests, so that 2 meters became 1 meter.  We look at the sidelining of NPHET – which has added in more time to decision making and how acting quickly has served us well in the past, but that lesson doesn’t appear yet to be learned.   We end with some good news on rapid testing.

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove


  1. Michale Kiwanuka —>  Interlude (Loving the people)
  2. Erykah Badu ––> Rimshot (intro)
  3. Soundboy ––> Tuning Up – Vemuslam Sleaze Mix (Jazzy On) – Ballistic Brothers Vs. Two Lone Swordsmen 
  4. The O’jays  ––> Give the people What they Want
  5. Bill Withers ––> You
  6. SAULT ––>  Don’t Shoot Guns Down 
  7. Leonard Cohen  ––> The Partisan 
  8. Baby Huey ––> Hard Times
  9. Curtis Mayfield ––> Give me your Love
  10. SAULT ––>  Bow (feat. Michael Kiwanuka)
  11. Don Air ––> Joy Dub (remix)
  12. SAULT ––> Little Boy 
  13. Dual Tone ––> Dub Edit 
  14. SAULT ––> Free

NEWS – with Andrew

15. Double Dee & Steinski ––> We’re in a lot of trouble