GOTW Plague Tapes #64

Wednesday 14th October 19.00hrs 

Plague Tapes #64 – Exciting when we have a guest.  This time we hear from Joan who is cocooning throughout this plague, and we get to hear from her experience of that.   There is also news from Andrew as we hurtle towards a point of no/some return, and we learn of a total lockdown in the North of Ireland.   Before we get to that we have some new music and then a very old school techno mix from the holy city of Detroit, entitled ResistanceIzFertile.

News with Andrew, follows on from the interview with Joan who is 78 and has been cocooning with her husband of 83 in Dublin during this pandemic. Thank you again to her for giving us an insight into what her life has been like during this pandemic.

Andrew paints for us the picture of an island in the midst of surge which is eliminating capacity and our ability to cope with case volumes of Covid 19.   We have Derry with an incidence rate of over 1500, and a total lockdown coming from Friday.   We have 811 cases here, and a total of 1674 on the island, which shows that the North is surpassing us despite our dysfunctional republic having 2.5 times the population of our northern cousins.  Our positivity rate is consistently over 3%  (currently more running closer to 8%) and this means that we are missing cases.   The contact tracing system appears to be breaking down, and we still hear nothing from Government, since we had that bun fight with the return of Tony H ten days ago.  All the indicators are that we heading to a worse place, and now because of Dublin being in Level 3 lock down for the last number of weeks means that we are dragging down the averages, as cases soar in 20 of the other counties.   So where are we heading?  Level 5 if sense prevails, but since when have our leaders stopped to read the writing on the walls?

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove


  1. Ammar 808   —>  Greta Duniki (feat. Susa)
  2. Róisin Murphy   ––> Murphy’s Law
  3. Photek —> Into the 90’s
  4. Gerd  —> Arkest’s Blaze
  5. Basic Channel    ––> Pyhlps side b BC09
  6. Mad Mike Banks  —> Wardancer [Red Planet]
  7. Octave one  —> Dark Star Rising   
  8. Mad Mike Banks  —> Ghostdancer [Red Planet]
  9. Underground Resistance —> First Galactic Baptist Church
  10. Mad Mike Banks  —>  Star Dancer [Red Planet] 
  11. Dj Rolando  —> Jaguar [Mad Mike Banks Remix

NEWS –  first our interview with Joan – the cocooner and then we follow that up with news with  Andrew about our worsening C19 pandemic.