GOTW Plague Tapes #65

Wednesday 21st October 19.00hrs 

Plague Tapes #65 Going back into another lock down is going to have strange effects on us all, Dr. Groove started to read messages from aliens on his records.  Scratched into the G2G record was this 

‘Final Transmission  I found it, There is existence other than us, I have transformed.  The Tones are the keyds to it all.  I’ll be back.  Mad Mike’ 

I’m always prone to that belief that the aliens abandoned Mad Mike and I and Krossie on this planet where we struggle to make sense of what we see.   That’s certainly the case in these weird times.  The lyric that resonates is used as a closer in this program before we go into the news…

I want to see humans and cities as more than a disease

Let it go  ->  Peter Broderick 

News:  Andrew tells us where we’re at.  Well we awaited the cases to get to over 1,000 a day north and South,  with 2182 cases and 16 deaths reported yesterday.  Infection rates 7.9% but coming down towards 6.2% Infection rates over the border in Northern Ireland running at 21%.  Our great leaders are only finding out that contact tracing system is breaking down, which is like being shocked to see an accident when you have been looking at it crash in slow motion over 3 months.   Now what others, Wales call it a ‘Fire break’ but we are calling Level 5 lockdown is here.  We await and see if we can get the R figure (infection rate down below 1) and Andrew explains the meaning of the rising mean.  We look at what the future holds, and we anticipate that we have to learn lessons faster, so that we don’t repeat mistakes on the other side of this lockdown.  Briefly there is talk of Vaxines and what they might bring, along with fast testing.  

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove


  1. Badly Drawn Boy   —>  I love NYE
  2. Kate NV  ––> Du Na
  3. Tortoise  —> The Equator  
  4. Tortoise  —>  To Day Retreival (Autechre Remix) 12”
  5. Galaxy 2 Galaxy —> Metamorphis “the creation of I.S.F. Unit Zc 121861 Star Date 05.30.93
  6. Daniel Avery  ––> Katanna
  7. Kelly Lee Owens  —> Corner of my Sky Feat. John Cale  
  8. Four Tet / Fridge —> Apehlion
  9. Plaid —> Squance 
  10. The Beta Band —> Squares
  11. Death In Vegas —>  Head 12”
  12. Fontaines DC —> A Heroe’s Death
  13. Peter Broderick —> Let it go 

NEWS – With Andrew:  See above for more details

14. Bill Calaghan –> Another Song