GOTW Plague Tapes #67

November 5th  19.00hrs 

Plague Tapes #67

Dr. Groove brings you Plague Tapes #67 during this US election week.   What does it show, more confusion and entrenchment, and how Dr. Groove is clueless as to how this world is spinning these days.   He takes solace again in music, bringing you another eglectic selection – which goes all over the place.  It almost never happened, so Soviet Pop the engineer deserves special mention for overcoming a hard disk failure and keeping the show on the road. 


Whack Job - title for this NY'er cover from Oct 2019

Andrew brings us the good news about how Level 5 lockdown is having the desired effect of dragging down our case numbers.   Imagine how much better and lower we could have been if we’d done this when NPHET asked for it.  For an example of the shit that happens when you delay and act later, we can look to the EU now.  As Mike Ryan says from the WHO, act first.    Case numbers are down to 444 (Wednesday 4th Nov.)  and with a potential R value somewhere between .9 and .7.  Positivity is down to below 5% and in NI – we have positivity still at 20 – 25% and Arlene talking about them coming out of lockdown there on the 11th of November!   IFR – infection fatality rate – is considered to be between 1 and 1.4% following a New York study.  Andrew discusses this and we briefly look at vaxines and the 11 that are in phase 3 of the trials.  Finally, Travel & testing is discussed as we look at what plans are when we get into December for those from the diaspora who might think of flying home for the crimbo.

Love & Rage

Dr. Groove


  1. Micheal Kiwanuka    —>  Light 
  2. Nina Simone ––> Baltimore
  3. Sufjan Stevens —> Tell Me You Love Me  
  4. Daniel Avery  —> One More Morning
  5. Curtis Mayfield —> Blue Monday People
  6. SAULT —>  Monsters
  7. Brian Eno —> Blank Frank 
  8. The Cramps  —> Tear it up 
  9. Pere Ubu —>  Non-alignment Pact  
  10. Floating Points —> Falaise 
  11. J. Dilla —> My Victory (instrumental)
  12. Youanddewan  —>  93 with a little bit of Bill Hicks 
  13. Ammar 808  —>  Geeta Duniki feat. Susha 
  14. Fout Tet  —> Evening (edit)
  15. Laraaji —>  Unicorns in Paradise (excerpt)
  16. The Fall  —>  Totally Wired 

NEWS – With Andrew:  See above for more details

17. Wire ––> I am the Fly