GOTW Plague Tapes #69

Monday 23rd Nov 13.00hrs

Plague Tapes #69

Plague Tapes #69 brings us back to the steady vigilance which is our normal approach.  The optimism which we had over a week ago in 68, has cooled.  We have to keep on trucking, and the music is good as always.  We have moving through this winter.  One must continue to be kind to ourselves and others.  Walks, being out of the house at least once a day, spinning on the bike, watching great films (Steve McQueen’s Small Axe series) and baking bread have all benificial. 

I know that sports-ball isn’t for everyone, but I am enjoying the compacted GAA championship calendar, which culminated with Cavan being crowned Kings of Ulster.  The hotter the battle the sweeter the victory, the longer the wait, the greater the struggle, the immense joy that follows. 

News: Andrew brings us all the news.  The reductions that we had hoped would be kicking in by now, have stalled, so that we continue to bump around 400 per day.  The public acted prior to the Government ramping up to Level 5 everywhere, but we are now, plateauing.  There are a whole load of theories as to why this might be taking place, and the truth is in there, amongst the seven theories.  What we can say is that R – the infection rate, is around .7 as per the modelling team.  Donegal (283 per 100K) is still bad, and Limerick has also increased (223).  As we go into this week, we are expecting that the Government will inform us as to what the plan is.  There appears to be continued strife in the relationship with NPHET.  There appears to be little evidence or enough of a reduction to allow us to come out of Level 5.  Whether this Goverment will make that call, however is the big question.  The evidence of not acting appropriately and making the right call, is there in the North, in the UK, and it is stark. 

Love & Rage & Hon Cavan

Dr. Groove


  1. The Sun Ra Arkestra  —>  Space is the Place 
  2. Gil Scott Heron  ––> Inner City Blues – Poem The Siege of New Orleans
  3. Rodger Eno —>  Sodium Highlights
  4. Nnagpa  —> Ijukk
  5. David Bowie  —> Moss Garden (Edit); Neukoln
  6. Boards of Canada  —>  Happy Cycling (Peel Session)
  7. Mantonix  —> Push Yer Hands up  (Aleeckea St. Hip Hop Formula) 
  8. Impact All Stars  —> So Jah Dub
  9. Bob Marley & The Wailers —>  Small Axe 
  10. Devon Russell—> Drum Song
  11. Fireman So Cold —> Dr Atrak mix on Hollertronix #5
  12. Róisin Murphy  —>  Incapable
  13. Rhythm & Sound —>  Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig Mix)
  14. Boards of Canada —> Come to Dust

NEWS – With Andrew:  See above for more details

15. Soccer96 —>  I Was Gonna Fight Fascism (feat. Alabaster De Plume)