GOTW Plague Tapes #7

The Dr returns with the Plague Tapes #7 – after a crazy busy no show day, yesterday, we come with tunes, with the Jazz, we got the jazz, and then we take a mad buck leap in a different direction.  A show of two halves, followed by a massive check in on C19 which happens around the 1 1/2 hours in – and has a trigger warning for those of you who only want the tunes.

Stay safe – physical distance –  social solidarity, it’s where this show is born from…


Not good physical distancing here



1. Oliver Nelson ->  Stolen Moments

2. Alice Coltrane -> Journey to Satchindananda

3. Weather Report -> N.Y.C.   The Dance

4. Herbie Hancock -> Raindance

5. Byetone -> Morning

6. Balil -> 3/4 Heart

7. Dryxlexia -> Synchronized Dimensions

8. Reeko -> Empirical Science

9. The Fall -> Older Lover

10. Schimon and Andy C -> Recharge

11. Japan -> Nightporter (Live)

Trigger Warning Talk Time C19 News 17mins

12. Thom Yorke – > And it rained all night (Burial Remix)


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