GOTW Plague Tapes #71

Monday 7th December 17.00hrs

Plague Tapes #71

Winter’s no longer coming, it’s arrived.  The frosted cobwebs and the white on higher ground tells you the beast from the east has blown in.  We bring you an hour of top tunes, and Andrew brings you the news as we hurtle out of level 5 and into pre-crimbo opening, so that we can get ready for the New year lock down.  I’m not making it up.  The music is good, take comfort in that, and hibernate, we’ll get through this. 

News: with Andrew

More details here is that we are plateauing at about 300 cases per day.  The thought for today is that Covid19 in nine months has claimed the same number of lives 3,590 that were lost in what we call ‘The troubles’ which took place over 29 years.  Tell that to the anti-vaxers or to those busy talking about saving the economy because they want to make some bucks before this plague year ends.  In terms of dealing with the second wave, we’ve done well, and are being held up as an example, as Europe has fared badly in the phase.  But that still doesn’t make any sense in terms of lifting restrictions now, with cases at 300 and ‘R’ being around 1.  We discuss how Public Health does not fit into the chronic short-termism of capitalism, and how the great trick of passing the costs onto the public purse by the privateers.   Andrew make reference to this NY Times article, which you can read further about Europes second wave.   

Love & Rage

Dr. Groove


  1. Guy Andrews  —>  1.7 
  2. Boards of Canada ––> Sick Times
  3. Autechre —>  Nil (cut short due to technical issues)
  4. Slam —>  Slam Soma Coma
  5. Big Thief —> Watering
  6. Suken Foal —> Softies
  7. Róisin Murphy —> We got together 
  8. Alabaqster De Plume —> I hope
  9. Ohotek —> No Agenda
  10. Prins Thomas —> Trans
  11. Spacemen 3 —> Transparent Radiation
  12. An Galar Dub —> Faze 2

NEWS – With Andrew:  See above for more details.   For those of you desperate to get out there into the shops we have….

13. Dj Rashad & DJ Manny __> Drums Please