GOTW Plague Tapes #72

Monday the 14th December  18.30hrs

Plague Tapes #72

The music mix was put together on a Saturday night, stretching the definition  of eclectic, Dr. Groove thows the lot at you, great songs, hip hop mixes and samples,  songs about sickenss in the city, and finish off with a bit of a bop via detroit and four to the floor.  We speak in praise of the experiential and talk about the ability to unlearn, and sickness of the cities that we love…

News: with Andrew

We are awaiting to see how the inevitable increase goes.  There is a melding together of data streams which saw us with 429 cases annoucned yesteday.  We appear to have dipped to a low of 265 cases and are now moving in the opposite direction.  It is all about the rate of increase.  Andrew predicts that even in the face of serious numbers, say if we hit 600 cases by 21st – that the Governement would continue along its current path.  Travel comes into effect between counties and allowing people to return home for Christmas on Friday the 18th.  We talk about the ridicoulous self quarantine recommendation which the Government have brought in.  We try an stay optimistic about this, and recognise that we’ve done well, in comparison to the second wave in the EU.   Also Northern Ireland has had and continues to post terrible figures in terms of cases and deaths.  

It is all about behaviour and so we pass on this graphic.  It was always about us getting each other through this. 


Mind each other out there.

Love & Rage

Dr. Groove


  1. Throbbing Ghristle  —>  20 Jazz Greats 
  2. Joni Mitchell ––> A Case of You 
  3. David Holmes  —> Sick City 
  4. Wax Doctor  —>  Never as good 
  5. Cold Cut  —> Discarnate women (edit) 
  6. Sade  —> Why can’t we live together
  7. Steinski  —> Everything’s Disappeared
  8. Matrix—> Flora
  9. Smokey Robinson & the Miracles —> Baby, Baby, Please don’t cry 
  10. The Tindersticks  —> City Sickness
  11. Joy Division  —> Interzone
  12. Daniel Avery  —> Clear
  13. Kevin Sauderson —> The  Human Bondage
  14. Underground Resitance ––> Living for the night  Feat. Yolanda

NEWS – With Andrew:  See above for more details.   For those of you desperate to get out there into the shops we have….

15. Alabaster De Plume  —>  Turpentine