GOTW Plague Tapes #76

Saturday, 11th Jan. 2021 -> 21.00hrs

Plague Tapes #76

With the music, Dr. Groove explores Bass Culture, to begin with, taking Faze 2 from An Galur Dub and then going through some classic HipHop and taking us to the Govenor – Andrew Weatherall and his masterful use of bass.

That’s how the music begins.  Dr. Groove brings you the beats and the sounds, and the good music, and then we focus in on the truth about what is going on in the fight against C19. That’s the news, it comes after we take a Detroit – Dublin tour and finish with one of the great jazz pieces. 

NEWS with Andrew at 78mins 

Jazz Shop by Clifford Harper

News: with Andrew

The news is we are hoping that we are seeing a plateau in the numbers, following the debacle that was Christmas day.  The figures declared yesterday was 8,248 cases, of which 3,040 were positive swabs from the previous 48 hours.  Don’t get distracted, the 5 day average in all this mess is about 5,182 and that shows you how serious it is.  In the UK, the National Statistics people say that 1 in 50 is currently infected, in London it’s 1 in 30, and our figures here are comparable per capita.  So we are in it.  The talking heads, the people who work at this, are busy spinning tales about not knowing this was going to happen.  Andrew discusses this and blows their nonsense and guff out of the water.  |Then there is a realistic model of how long it will take to get this under control, how long it will take to bring it back to less than 100 cases, and how important it is that the lockdown is strictly adhered to.  There is no room for complacency, especially when the new strains appear to punish that.

Love & Rage

Dr. Groove

  1. An Galur Dub ––> Faze 2 ->  bandcamp 
  2. Linton Kwesi Johnson ––> Want Fi Go Rave
  3. Beastie Boys —> Jimmy James from the great Check Your Head album 
  4. De La Soul —> Whoodeni – feat. 2 Chainz
  5. Man PArish ––>  Hip Hop Bebop [Original Classic Mix]
  6. Eddy Grant ––> Electric Avenue
  7. The Sabres of Paradise ––> Duke of Earlsfield
  8. Can —> I’m so green
  9. Galaxy 2 Galaxy ––> Hi-Tech Jazz [the elements]
  10. Americhord ––> Sunray [D1 Records]
  11. Kevin Saunderson  ––>  Warp
  12. Solkatt ––> Caribone
  13. Dave Brubeck —> Take Five


NEWS – With Andrew:  See above for more details, we’re in it, in a big fight with this surge

14.   The Stranglers —>  Get a grip on yourself