GOTW Plague Tapes #77

Friday, 15th Jan. 2021 -> 16.30hrs

Plague Tapes #77

Dr. Groove was surprised to learn that David Bowie’s gone 5 years now.  So that has a big influence on the first part of the show.  Back 5 years ago there was a tribute mix done, and that’s here on Mixcloud.  But after this we go on to explore some other sounds, and then get into guitars and end up with a long set of music, that just appears to work and starts with the beautiful squeal of feedback.  Then we have the news

News: with Andrew

We know that the lockdown is working and that 5 day average has fallen to 4,473.  This would appear to indicate that we are through the peak – which was 8,248 cases at some point last week, and the 5 day average was up around 6,800.  There is a huge amount stress and pressure coming to bear on our health services and with over 8,300 health care staff out – or in isolation, this increases the pressures and strains on the frontlines. By Andrew’s calcuations the peak should be coming into peak occupancy within the hospitals from 16th – through to the 24th of January.

The other worrying news is that the ‘boris variant’ as we have dubbed it on PT is now accounting for 50% of the cases.  We know that this strain of the virus is more effective are spreading, so it is important that we remain in a tight lockdown for this reason, which keeps peoples number of contacts down to the minumum.  Unfortuantley we know that the bosses are putting pressure on people to return to work, when they should not be doing so.  The schools need to remain closed and we need to stay in this lockdown until we can see the number of cases drop below 100.  That should be the priority.  Until that happens – we should continue to be vocal about how we got into this surge, and who is responsbile for that, and not let the Teflon politicians distract or pass responsibility to anyone else.  

Finally, within 14 days, the virus infrected as many people here as we managed to get vaccinated.  71K.   That is the difference between linear and exponential growth, in that little stat parable.

Love & Rage

Dr. Groove


  1. Joy Division ––> Warsaw (edit)
  2. David Bowie ––> Warsawa (edit)
  3. Iggy Pop —>  Nightclubbing 
  4. David Bowie ––> Love is Lost [Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy for DFA]
  5. Chemical Brothers ->  Open Dub by Sabres of Paradise 12” [1993] 
  6. Photek ––>  Lost Blue Heaven 
  7. ESG ––> Erase You
  8. Rockers Hi-Fi Meets Ella Fitzgerald ––> Sunshine of your Love
  9. Gang of Four ––> Antrhax
  10. Kim Gordon  ––> Cookie Butter
  11. Jamie XX  ––> Idon’tknow
  12. Theo Parrish —> Thumpasaurus
  13. Ammar 808 ––> Pahi jagajjanani (feat. Susha)
  14. Marcel Vogel & Tim Jules ––> Take me back
  15. SAULT ––> Fearless

NEWS – With Andrew:  See above for more details, but we may be plateauing, is that a word?

16.   David Bowie —>  Lady Stardust