GOTW Plague Tapes #78

Tuesday, 19th Jan. 2021 -> 19.00hrs

Plague Tapes #78

Dr. Groove is not in a chatty mood.  He’s excited to bring you the interview with Fionnghuala – with how the plague looks up North.  But other than that, he’s not very chatty so we brings you some mellow tunes and dubby sounds.  Nusrat Fath Ali Kahn is just life affirming.  We have a great Bill Withers tune, work from Fridge AKA Four Tet, and an amazing electronic track which you’ll check the track listing to discover is Norken.  Then we finish with the majesty John Talabot, dub maestro at work.  This mix mostly to builds towards Days a launchpad for this dub symphony.


News: with Andrew ’73 mins in

For quite some time we’ve wanted to arrange an interview with someone in the North to get an idea of who this plague is playing out there.  Fionnghuala is the perfect person to bring us the real deal of what is going down in Northern Ireland.  She’s an inspiration to me, and you can hear how exicted I am to get her on the show and get her take on the bullshit goes on there just as it goes on here. 

Andrew also brings us up to speed with the numbers here – although all of it comes with caveats as these are Monday figures.  But the trend is downwords and we need to keep it that way.  The boris variant is out there but a lockdown is just as effective on this variant.  A well observed lockdown will not put you in harms way of getting the new variant or the old one.  But the take away is that if they don’t mess up, this lockdown appears to be working, so good stuff people, for ye are the ones making this happen.

Love & Rage

Dr. Groove


  1. Mary Lattimore ––> Pine Trees 
  2. Arrangment  ––> Coconut Mango 
  3. Nusrat Fath Ali Kahn —>  Nothing without you (Tery Bina remix) 
  4. Swod––> Hochbahn
  5. Fridge ––> Cut up piano and Xylephone 
  6. Scott Walker  ––>  It’s Raining Today 
  7. Bill Withers  ––> You 
  8. Norken ––> Southern Soul 
  9. Terry Callier  ––> You Don’t Care
  10. Steely Dan   ––> Any Major Dude 
  11. Death in Vegas   ––> All that Glitters 
  12. Solkatt  —>  Outterlude
  13. Round ––> Days (John Talabot’s Skoooldub rework)

NEWS – With Andrew:  First we have that interview with Fionnghuala about what life with the plague it like up North, and then followed by a quick bulletin from Andrew with the latest here.

14.   Robert Wyatt —>  Lullaloop