GOTW Plague Tapes #80

Friday, 29th Jan. 2021 -> 22.00hrs

Plague Tapes #80

In the beginning there was ….The Stooges.  Really, what did you have before that, that you could truly call punk or rock or better still both – PUNK ROCK.   We will return to this genesis story..

The last Friday in January and we bring you a new Plague Tapes edition number 80.  We have news, and we have some great music as always.  We dip our toes in the water with some dub, big booming bass lines – dub be good to me and lead into the sublime Robert Wyatt.  

There is a strong finish with our return to the genesis story of the stooges and how they came up with the perfect anthem for lockdown part deux,  NO FUN

Iggy Pop 1972

NEWS with Andrew at 75 mins with some reportage

News:  Andrew brings us up to date with the trajectory of Covid 19 – where the cases are bumping along around 1000 per day and positivity at 7.7%.   Disaster is too light a word to describe what this month has looked like – from the point of view of what is called ‘severe outcomes’.  The month of repercussions, is the apt title that Andrew has given it.  We are going to have over 100,000 positive tests in January and we have more than 878 people dead.  REMBEMBER this cost, when the captains of industry and regime media start clamouring for opening up and saving the economy.  We ask why this Goverment find it so hard to do the right thing about bringing in quarantine regulations even though 80% of people want then and it is the right thing to do from a public health perspective! In vaccine news, Johnson & Johnson just came through with their results showing a very effective one, and we are have almost reached 300,000 vaccinated on the Island.

Finally – we finish the news with some reportage from a trip down the the Community test centre in Croke Park, which took place this week.  Thankfully Soviet Pop – the engineer received a ‘NOT DETECTED’ result 28 hours later.

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove


  1. Rhythm & Sound With Artists ––>  King in my Empire Feat. Cornell Campbell
  2. The Disciples  ––>  Thunder & Lightning
  3. Robert Wyatt —> Gharbzadegi
  4. The JB’s —> King Heroin Theme 
  5. Tribe Called Quest —> Check the Rhyme 
  6. Kiasmos ––> Dragged
  7. Nick Nicely ––> London South (Abul Mogard Remix)
  8. Mogwai —> Punk Rock
  9. Mogwai —> Cody
  10. The Stooges —> No Fun
  11. Dino Lenny & Doorly —> The Magic Room [Deepshakerz Remix]

News with Andrew, see above, and a little reportage from Croke Park…

12. The Stooges ––> Dirt [edit]