GOTW Plague Tapes #95

Sunday  16th May 23.00hrs

Plague Tapes #95

It was one of those weekends where it ran away from me.  Therefore, Sunday evening see’s Dr. Groove playing catch up.  Theres a lot in here but it may not be expressed in the clearest fashion.  95 – perhaps the number triggers a nostalgia in the Dr. Which see’s us wreck the discotek with that head nod shit that make ya break ya neck.  

Le Guin said ““People who deny the existence of dragons are often eaten by dragons. From within” which I’ve found really helps explain the last president.  There is more detail on the love hate divide and now that we are emerging – our paths will cross again someday.



Andrew brings us the news, with lovely ambient noise in the background of dogs barking and children roaring at each other –  even though we are flying blind thanks to the hacking attack which has crippled the HSE computer system.  5 day case average was 417 – growth – 0 – 2% a day – shirnking slowly – these were the figures that we had before the cyber attack landed on Friday.

Funnily enough today was the last day for the VPA – vulnerable period ahead – our 42 day cycle – we got to the end with something between 400-450 cases per day.  This is a big deal.

The potential for fatal outcomes lowers to significantly lower figures.  There is a little more talk on B16172 variant of concern – and we have moved into the ‘cautious reopening phase’.  Also we can look to the UK, how it ploughs on with its plan to reopen, and with pubs in particular as this variant appears to be more infectious, and it could really create a 4th wave there. 

And finally we talk a little about these cyber attacks, as I have no idea how they work, and Andrew has some details on how this might’ve come in and the problem that those poor tech guys are facing to bring those systems back up. 

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove



  1. Busta Rhymes  —> Woo Hah – Got you all in Check 
  2. Massive Attack  —> .Karmacoma – Bumperball dub – Mad Professor 
  3. Cameo —> Word up 12” instrumental 
  4. Can  —> Halleluuwa Orbus 2
  5. Jeff Buckely —> So Real
  6. Low —> Fly 
  7. Do Make Say Think —> Chinatown
  8. Utah Phillips —> Bum on the Rod 
  9. John McLaughlin —> Sirens
  10. Attica Blues —> Contemplating Jazz
  11. Helado Negro —> Sound & Vision 
  12. Al Green – The Reverend —> Jesus is Waiting
  13. William Elliott Whitmore  —>  Our Paths will Cross Again Someday
  14. New Order —> Ceremony 

News at 86 mins – see above for what’s covered

15. Synkro ––> Acceptance


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