GOTW Plague Tapes #5

So this time, DJ Shadow, a man very close to a Superhero – Plague Tapes starts with the existential question? What does your soul Look like?

We have a chat about C19 – so that comes at the end – with a trigger warning – if you just want to come here for the tunes.  And remember we got each other through this….


1. DJ Shadow ->  What Does Your Soul Look Like ?

2. One Speed Bike ->  from Album Droopy Butt Begone

3. Martin Rev -> Temptation

4. Death in Vegas -> Dirt Rematerialised Dub

5. The JB’s -> King Heroin

7.  Blue Nile -> 7 Am

8. Two Lone Swordsmen -> Flightpath Serenade

9. Keith Jarret Trio Standards Vol 1 -> God Bless the Child, feat. Jack DeJohnette on drums and Gary Peakcock on bass.

10. Robert Wyatt – Free Will and Testament

11.  John Coltrane -> Lonnie’s Lament

—>  The talkey update with Andrew [TRIGGER WARNING if you just want tunes]

12. Jaimie Branch ->  Love song

For Assholes & Clowns, and they know who they are and we know who they are

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