GOTW Plague Tapes #63

Thursday 8th October 19.00hrs 

Plague Tapes #63 – Music put together for you at night, and we believe that it makes a difference.  Sounds that go with neon reflections on wet city streets.   The news and the into’s were recorded during the day.  Listen out for ‘Fragments of hope’ from David….

News with Andrew, discuss our ride into hell in a hand basket, and Andrew has mangaled the metaphor to include shit.   But you get the picture.  Starting with the all island news, 1439 cases, 828 from the NI North and positivity in tests there running at 14%.   The trajectory looks appalling and you can see why NPHET were looking for the level 5.  We may get there either way.  We have a good idea how we go here, and we know where we’re going.  Increasingly, the media focus is on short term and economy saving measures which is all pushing the agenda of the vested interests that got us into this situation.   ‘The Ratlickers’ – is the term that Andrew has for them.   These are the same people who would have us believe that Climate change was a figment of our collective imaginations.

We also look at the drama from the big white house, and Andrew give us an idea what happened to the Covid Denier who got Covid and who now claims God saved him.

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove


  1. Darkstar  —>  Ouskreutz
  2. Can  ––> Dizzy Dizzy
  3. Miles Davis —> Black Satin 
  4. ELO  —>  Showdown 
  5. Darkstar   ––> Gold
  6. Laraaji —> Change (Mizzel remix) 
  7. Orbital —>  The box
  8. St. Germain —> Street Scene (edit) from 12”
  9. Low Motion Disco —> The Low Murderer is out at night
  10. QRTR —>  Little Pills feat. Blake Skowron
  11. Moses Boyd —> Nocturne
  12. Sunken Foal —> Dark Bounty
  13. Billie Holliday —>  It’s Raining all of the time
  14. Bolts —> Dustro 

NEWS – with Andrew

15. Bill Callaghan —> Let’s Move to the Country