GOTW Plague Tapes #75

Monday, 4th Jan. 2021 -> 21.30hrs

Plague Tapes #75

First  show in ’21 and it’s not great; news wise, things have turned ugly fast.  So we concentrate on just good  significant songs from 2020 for Dr. Groove which are rolled up into one continious mix  There is not really much to say, take some time out of your day and just listen to the music.  At the end of that that we have the news and it’s not good, but you already know that.  Either way, you’re warned,

News: with Andrew

Take it as a five day average – where we are hitting 5,200 cases a day.  Contract tracing is in operable at this stage.  Positivity is 25% – and it’s hitting 1% per 100,000 in many places.  Andrew explains how we ended up with a backlog, and we cannot predict what the pattern is in this strange time.  We need to go into a lock down – a prolonged period of ‘stay de feck’ home and allow the health services and the front line staff deal with this tsunami of the virus, which we can thank our great leaders for.  And when the need to step up and lead, and shut the little sick republic down, they go missing.  Leaders eh?

Love & Rage

Dr. Groove


  1. Space Dimension Controller —> Burnout (Dawn 
  2. SAULT  ––> Scary Times 
  3. An Galur Dub ––> Echo 180
  4. Makaya McCraven ––> Wise Man, Wiser Woman (feat. Shabaka Hutchings)
  5. Space Dimension Controller ––> Love beyond the Intersect 
  6. Celer —> In the middle of the moving field 
  7. SAULT—>  Wildfires
  8. Waclaw Zimpel ––> Sine Tapes
  9. AMMAR 808   —> Geeta duniki (feat. Susha)
  10. SAULT ––> Little Boy
  11. John Maus ––> Do Your Best
  12. Four Tet  ––> Baby
  13. Kelly Lee Owens —> Corner of the Sky (feat. John Cale)
  14. Peter Broderick ––> Let It Go 
  15. Daniel Avery ––> Pure Light 
  16. Alabaster DePlume—>  Whiskey Sour Song
  17. Brigid Mae Power —>Head Above Water

NEWS – With Andrew:  See above for more details, we hit over 5k cases a day.

18.   Ty —>  Like You Never