GOTW Plague Tapes #8


Another day, another plague tapes complete with the news section at the end.  Before we get there, good music and some chatter, and even a GAA C19 joke.  Enjoy this public broadcasting on Radioactive International


1. BMOC -Big Man On Campus —> The Funky Music 12”

2. Joni Mitchell —> Cold Steel & Sweet Fire

3. Curtis Mayfield —> Love to the People

4. Reverend Al Green —>  Call Me

5. Two Lone Swordsmen —> Branch Brothers

6. Jake Slazenger —> Gratuit

7. Lali Puna —> Small Things

8. Spooky —> Little Bullit (Dum Dum Mix)

9. Susumu Yakota —> Traveller in the Wonderland

10. Yellow Magic Orchestra —> Computer Games

11. Red Snapper —> Bussing

12. Bill Wells Trio —> D.A.D.E

C19 News update with Andrew

13. Asa Change & Jun Ray —-> Hana




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