GOTW Plague Tapes #84

Friday 26th Feb. 21.00hrs

Plague Tapes #84

Dr. Groove was reminded of the line from Beckett, from The Unamable – 1953 – which goes

“ … you must go on. I can’t go on. I’ll go on.”

We must all find what keeps us going on.  And Dr. Groove likes the quotidian lyric or some crunchy electro, with some strange dreams directed by surrealists and staring at full moons.

Night landscape of sky and super moon with bright moonlight behind silhouette of tree branch. Serenity nature background. Outdoors at night


News: Andrew brings us the news.  B117 -> Boris variant of Covid19 is there helping keep the cases bopping along at 732 per day.  That’s the 5 day average.  So the reduction is all about 82% of last weeks figure.  Yet, even through the science mantra is let’s work from data not dates, our Govenment is plouging into getting the kids back in school.  We look at what could be reasonable gap, to see if the return to school could be having an impact on cases.  Spolier alert, its not two weeks, which is what the current goverment plan is.  Again we see them working on dates and not data.  There is more postive news on vaccine’s and numbers going in the right direction there.  And finally we finish off with the Irish Times doing their masters bidding by writing the headline they want no matter what the opinion pole says.   Mother Ireland you’re rearing them yet!

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove


  1. Ex:Re  ––> 5am
  2. Devandra Banhardt  —> Now That I know
  3. Matthew Halsall  ––> Harmony with Nature 
  4. Robert Wyatt  —> Forrest [with Alfreda Benge]
  5. Funk Inc.  —> Where Are We Going
  6. La Funk Mob —> Ravers Suck Our Sound
  7. Scott Grooves —> Expansions 
  8. Octogona Man —> Vidd
  9. Overmono —> Clipper [Another 5 years]
  10. Solkatt —> Interlude
  11. Mogwai —> Drive The Nail 

News at 72 mins – see above

12. The Pillow Queens   —> A Dog’s Life


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