GOTW Vol. 2 Show 20

Monday  7th November  22.30hrs  

Groove on the Wireless  Volume 2 – show # 20

Dr. Groove brings you a very mellow show, to begin with, based on the godess of Erykah, and utilising the great sounds of SAULT.  Side two, second half we start with the curious sound of Pete Ivers and we speed it up a bit for the home straight.  

Love & Rage

Dr. Groove


      1. Erykah Badu ––> Time’s a Wastin
      2. SAULT ––> Envious  
      3. Rhyhm & Sound ––> Queen Version
      4. Full Moon Scientist ––> Lunar Base Dub
      5. Rachika Nayar ––> Marigolds & Tulsi
      6. SAULT ––> River
      7. Pete Ivers ––> Take Your Chances With Me
      8. Solkatt ––> Interlude
      9. Smile ––> We Don’t Know What Tomorrow Brings 
      10. HAAI ––> Biggest Mood Ever – with Alexis Taylor
      11. DJ Koze —> Seeing Aliens 
      12. Eris Drew ––> Sensations 
      13. Electrolane ––> In Berlin [7” of the week] 
        1. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––>>>

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