GOTW Vol 2. Show # 34

Friday 7th April 15.00hrs 

Groove on the Wireless  Volume 2 – show 34

It feels like we’ve emerged from another plague Winter.  I was bathed in sunshine last Sunday in  Croker, and I had the need for sunglasses.  I wear them all the time, but have no need of them, until Sunday.  Appreciate every one of the Springs that gets sprung in front of your eyes.  

Love & Rage

Dr. Groove



      1. Lankum  ––> Dig My Grave 
      2. Shina Williams and his African Percusionists —> Aboju Logan 
      3. Public Enemy ––> Nightrain [Lirr Strong Island Instrumental Mixx]
      4. Ezra Collective ––> Love in Outter Space Feat. NAO
      5. The JB’s ––>  Escapism Parts 1 & 2
      6. Eight from the Egg ––> Black Milk
      7. Eno ––> Golden Hours 
      8. Geinom —> Reminissin’ Feat. Mairita
      9. Two Shell —> Ghosts
      10. Boards of Canada —>Energy Warning 


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