GOTW Vol 2 #44


Monday the 11th September at 19.00hrs

Groove on the Wireless  Volume 2 – show 44

Falling in love again, with an original first love, the power of a guitar, in this instance a Gibson SG – and how we all got transported away for a intersellar trip thanks to commander Che Chen from 75 Dollar.  That’s the inspiration for this show, and the very 80’s sound of guitars that I grew up with.

Love & Rage

Dr. Groove


    1. Fiction Factory ––> Feels Like Heaven
    2. J Dilla ––> Lightworks 
    3. The Sugarcubes ––> Birthday
    4. Lankum ––> The New York Trader 
    5. Young Fathers ––> I Saw 
    6. Underworld ––> Blueski 
    7. Minnie Ripperton ––> Les Fluer
    8. Wet Leg ––> Wet Dream
    9. Toto Coelo ––> I Eat Cannibals
    10. Little Simz ––> Point & Kill
    11. Smog ––> Strayed
    12. Neil Young & Crazy Horse ––> Hey Hey, My My [Into the Black] from 7” 1979




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