GOTW Vol 2. #47

Monday 23rd October at 19.00hrs

Groove on the Wireless  Volume 2 – show 47

Dr. Groove can only offer temporary relief  from the confusion, 

“ I didn’t invent this buzzing confusuon, it’s all around us and…the only chance of renewal is to opwn our eyes and see the mess.”

  Samuel Beckett 

If the Dr. talks about the mess that he see’s – rage ensues

Love & Rage

Dr. Groove


    1. Brian Eno ––> Top Boy [Main Theme Series 1]
    2. Young Fathers  ––> Geronimo  
    3. Dylan Hymer  ––> Two Trains Came Through The Station At Once and It
    4. Kristin Hersch ––> Constance Street
    5. The Spiritual Leaders ––> Undertwater With You 
    6. Davy Kehoe ––> Happy Highway 
    7. Sylvan Esso ––> Coming Back to You 
    8. Alice Coltrane ––> Journey In Satchinidanada
    9. Pete Beardsworth ––> Purify 
    10. Mathias Aguayo ––> Legende 
    11. Radiohead ––> The Numbers 
    12. Brian Eno ––> Ship in a Bottle with Jon Hopkins and Leo Abrahams




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