GOTW VOL 2 #48


Sunday  12th November  at 19.00hrs

Groove on the Wireless  Volume 2 – show 48

Some times ago, Dr. Groove recorded this show on an unusual Sunday which saw him catch the new Gabriel Byrne flim about Beckett at 10.30am – where we learn that ‘Joy’ is less interesting than the other themes explored by our beloved, tortured, but funny fecker, Sam.  Then we have the other artistic duo, Rob & Sean from Autechre who feature heavily in this show.  Music for looking at stars from these gutters.

Love & Rage

Dr. Groove


      1.  Jóhann Johannson ––> The Drowned World 
      2. Hildure Guonadóttir ––> A Deal with Chaos
      3. Autechre ––>  Nil
      4. Autechre ––> Gelk
      5. Autechre ––> Foil
      6. Autechre ––> ecol4
      7. Autechre ––> Drane 
      8. Sonic Youth ––> Superstar
      9. Hans Joachim Roedelius ––> Berg Und Tal 
      10. Euguen Hurtz on Failure…


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