GOTW Vol 2 #51

Sunday  10th  December at 23.00hrs

Groove on the Wireless  Volume 2 – show 51

Dear All,

There is real pain when you lose the poets, and this show demonstrates the power of lyrics and the magic of words, to connect, move, inspire and dream.  Shane McGowan, and Benjamin Zephania were two such poets, and thankfully they’re more, and they never die, whilst we live, we dream. 

Love & Rage

Dr. Groove


            1. The Pogues —> The Body of an American 
            2. The Pogues ––>I’m a man you don’t meet everyday
            3. The Disciples ––>Thunder & Lightning 
            4. L.B. Dub Corp––> I have A dream Ft. Benjamin Zephaniah Benjamin Zephaniah
            5. Benjamin Zephaniah ––> Money 
            6. Benajmin Zephaniah  ––> Naked 
            7. Kae Tempest ––> Europe is Lost  
            8. Gil Scott Heron ––> Message to the Messengers
            9. Linton Kewsi Johnson ––> Cultural Dub
            10. Linton Kewsi Johnson ––> Bass Culture
            11. Gil Scott Heron Makay McCraven ––> I’m new Here [a reimagining by Makaya McCraven]
            12. Makaya McCraven ––> High Fives
            13. The Pogues ––>  The Old Main Drag 
            14. The Pogues ––> Rainy Night in Soho 


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