GOTW Vol 2 Show #52

Wednesday 27th  December at 23.00hrs

Groove on the Wireless  Volume 2 – show 52

Music for the interstitial period between the end of the Christmas and the start of another year. Some music that I think goes well together, from your musical selector.

Love & Rage

Dr. Groove


              1. |mpact All-Stars ––> Ordinary Version Chapter 3
              2. Massive Attack ––> Hymn of the Big Wheel
              3. Pharoah Saunders ––>Memories of Edith Johnson
              4. Lankum ––> Martin Crowley 
              5. Suicide ––> Cheree
              6. Tell Somebody ––> Young Fathers
              7. King Cresote ––> Blue Marbled Elm Trees
              8. Carole King ––> It’s too late
              9. Thome Yorke ––>  Skip Divided [Modeselektor Remix]
              10. Koreless ––> Seven (Drumhell)
              11. Arthur Russell ––> The Boy With a Smile on his face
              12. Four Tet ––> A Joy
              13. Dean Martin ––> Bumming Around 


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