GOTW Vol 2. Show #42

Sunday  August 27th  14.00hrs 


Groove on the Wireless  Volume 2 – show 42

A showery post Groovefest Saturday, found the Dr. Back in the studios coming up with an idea for this show.  What transpried is an all vinyl show, which showecases a selection of recrods that travelled up to Groovefest but didn’t find themselves into a set.

Love & Rage

Dr. Groove


    1. Tom Browne —> Funkin for Jamaica [Original 7” Edit]
    2. Chic ––>  Good Times 12”
    3. Eddie Kendricks. ––>  Keep On Truckin’
    4. Marvin Gaye ––>  Got To Give it up
    5. The O’Jays ––> For the Love of Money
    6. DeeJay Punk -Roc ––> Rockin’ It [ Rock Raider Rockin’ It Remix]
    7. Tribe Called Quest ––> Buggin’ Out
    8. The Troubleneck Brothers ––> Back to the hiphop
    9. Qui 3 ––> For What It’s Worth [Underground Soulpower Mix]
    10. Talk Talk ––> Life’s what you make it 
    11. Gang of Four ––> Damaged Goods
    12. Talking Heads ––> I Zimbra 
    13. Moodyman ––> I Can’t Kick This Feeling when it hits
    14. Milie Jackson ––> Hurst So Good 


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