Groove On The Wireless 170

Just a week of good music, but we should not be complacent with such a gift, one hour of good music is something to be treasured; a prescription if you will, people.  Take your medicine

Enjoy, Dr. G



  1. Susumu Yakota – Kirikiraboshi
  2. Radiohead – Everything in its right place
  3. Mark Pritchard – Khufu
  4. Leonard Cohen – The Partisan
  5. My Bloody Valentine – Touched
  6. A Tribe Called Quest – The Space Program
  7. Hiroshi Watanabe – Soul Transitions
  8. Sebbo – Watamu Beach – (Moritz Van Oswald Rework)
  9. Rival Consoles – What Sorrow
  10. Robert Wyatt – Lullaloop
  11. Ray Charles – Mess Around
  12. Sufjan Stevens – Chicago

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