Groove On The Wireless 171


There is no better time to listen to the stooges than when you have had a fight with your Mam, and you go up to ‘the box’ room and listen to Search & Destroy on your headphones whilst contemplating killing the bad wardrobe.  That’s how this show starts.. and it’s also thanks to me having seen this…Gimme Danger 


  1. The Stooges – Search And Destroy
  2. Honeyblood – Love is a Disease
  3. The Last Poet’s – When the Revolution Comes
  4. Moby – God Moving Over the Face of the Waters
  5. A Tribe Called Quest – We the People
  6. Radiohead – Feral
  7. James Blake – Overgrown
  8. Simian Mobile Disco – Calyx
  9. First Planet – I want to thank you baby
  10. FEWS – Ills
  11. The Stooges – Real Cool Time

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