Groove On The Wireless 191


This week, Doctor Groove starts the show with a decoration or pride, and that is all about your identity, damn right I am somebody.  Then we go onto explore other exotic selections from the inner sanctum of the digital hard drive, inside the Groove machine.  We have two tracks from the new album – asynch by Ryuichi Sakamoto to get lost in…




  1. The JB’s – Damn right I am somebody
  2.  Chocolate – Syrup
  3. AIM – Ain’t got no time to waste feat. YX
  4. Youanddewan – 93
  5. Harry Nilsson – Coconut
  6. Cut Chemist – The Audience is Listening – theme song
  7. Ryuichi Sakamoto – honj
  8. Ryuichi Sakamoto – ZURE
  9. Shugo Tokumaru – Lovely Allen
  10. Autechre – Outpt
  11. Muddy Waters – Rollin’ n’ tumblin
  12. Funky Porcini – It’s a long road
  13. Lakker – Oktavistt

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