GOTW Vol 2 Show # 12

Saturday 10th September  12.00hrs  

Groove on the Wireless  Volume 2 – show 12 –   

Dr. Groove could only bring you this set from the darkness.  The sound of the underground, the sound of resistance, the sound of the machines and the folk who work them.  There was a time when Dr. Groove just wore the Detroit D baseball hat, not for the tigers but for the city.  The city that brought us all that great music,  Underground Resistance, the Bellville Three, Jeff Mills, Dilla, and so many many many more.  This was inspired by a trip to see For what you Dream of  and having the privilege of talking with the director of the great short documentary – Black To Techno. 

Love & Rage

Dr. Groove


          1. UR —> Electronic Warfare – [ Electrric Eel mix by Drexciya]
          2. Stacey Pullen —> 8th Wonder 
          3. Kevin Saunderson ––> E-Dancer
          4. UR —> Nightvision
          5. Blake Baxter —> Where is the Love
          6. Gerd —> Arkest’s Blaze
          7. Kevin Saunderson ––> Warp
          8. Juan Atkins —> Thought Process
          9. UR —> Sex in Zero Gravity 
          10. David Holmes ––> Minus 61 in Detroit


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