Groove On The Wireless – 246 Mark Hollis

Dr. Groove was deeply saddened by the news of the death of Mark Hollis – lead singer of the 80’s band Talk Talk.  But even that description is so reductive.   Pop icons spinning out in 1982 when Duran Duran were the industry model, they went onto peak popularity with the Colour of Spring, and then produced two sublime albums to end with.   Hollis called himself a ‘difficult geezer’ who left pop idol behind and became an inspired musician, becoming the link for the transition from 80’s to post rock.    Spirit of Eden is aural spirituality for atheists.   It wasn’t what the record company wanted in 1988- so this is what Hollis said at the time

“Well, it’s certainly a reaction to the music that’s around at the moment, ‘cos most of that is shit,” deadpans Hollis. “It’s only radical in the modern context. It’s not radical compared to what was happening 20 years ago. If we’d have delivered this album to the record company 20 years ago they wouldn’t have batted an eyelid.”

Mark Hollis certainly knew how to make a leave a musical mark in life.

Mark Hollis 1955-2019


  1. Talk Talk – Talk Talk
  2. Talk Talk – It’s my life
  3. Talk Talk – Happiness is easy
  4. Talk Talk – After the flood
  5. Talk Talk – Life’s what you make it
  6. Talk Talk – Desire
  7. Talk Talk – Taphead
  8. Talk Talk – John Cope
  9. Talk Talk – Runeii
  10. Mark Hollis – Westward Bound
  11. Talk Talk – I believe in you

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