GOTW Vol. 2.06 Love & Loss

Saturday 30th April  2022  19.00hrs 

Groove on the Wireless  Volume 2 – show 6

I predicted that when the plague subsided, it would be like a flood, and that we would only begin to witness the damage that it’s caused to people and their lives.  Last week a friend, who I knew in my golden wild wildernesss years when I roved Dublin as a young man, knowing nothing of what I was or what I would become, I met him.  He was young and gay and liberated in this city.  Those were piss poor days but all the more glorious for that.  James was a friend and comrade in those days of homebrew and daisys. 

That lovely articulate handsome whip smart blonde haired young ma from then took his own life on his birthday last week.  That  desperate news has been a slow corosion on my soul since.  Such a loss.  So the theme is LOVE, always the main thing.  Loss is this wound, a loved one gone, even if that was decades ago, he’d remained in the light of my love, but the tragedy is never having told him.

Love & Rage,

Dr, Groove



          1. Helado Negro  ––> Aguas Frías  
          2. Low  —> Hey
          3. Roy Ayers ––> Miles (Love’s Silent Dawn)
          4. Helado Negro ––> Thank You For Ever
          5. John Martyn ––> Couldn’t Love You More 
          6. Four Tet ––> Harmony one
          7. Alison Krauss & Robert Plant ––> The Price of Love
          8. Synkro ––> Acceptance
          9. Helado Negro Feat. Xenia Rubin ––> I Fell in Love
          10. SAULT ––> Wildfires
          11. Sufjan Sevens ––> Tell me you love me anyway 
          12. Terry Callier ––> Love Theme From Spartacus 
          13. Irma Thomas ––> Ruler of my heart 
          14. The Rolling Stones ––> Moonlight Mile
          15. Fontaines DC —> Love Is The Main Thing
          16. The Rolling Stones ––> Moonlight Mile
          17. SAULT —> Light’s In Your Hands [Edit]


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