GOTW Vol. 2 Show 11

Sunday  28th August  20.00hrs 

Groove on the Wireless  Volume 2 – show 11 –  SoundSystem Sunday  

Dr. Groove is on the up on, this Sunday of the Notting Hill Carnival, where he’d love to be.  Following on from Groovefest, and a Sunday spent shopping an flea market,   the doctor decides to go into Groovetown studios and cut a show for you.  Show features some music that would’ve been scattered throughout the sets that were played at Groovfest.  These are sounds brought to you by a soul made happy by being social.

Love & Rage

Dr. Groove


        1. Nighmares on Wax  —> You Wish 
        2. The Outlaw Blues Band  ––>  Deep Gully Notting Hill Sound System
        3. LVD ––>  Tucumcari
        4. Erykah Badu —> The Healer 
        5. Dionne Warwick ––> Don’t Make Me Over
        6. One Dove ––>  Fallen
        7. Happy Mondays —> Hallelujah (Club Mix – Paul Oakenfold And Andrew Weatherall)
        8. Americhord ––> Sunray 
        9. Fela Kuti ––> Shakara (Ossie’s Bump Edit)
        10. Roxy Music ––> Oh Yeah 
        11. The Avalanches ––> Over the Turnstiles 


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