Groove On The Wireless 257


Doubt is as inevitable as death in this life.  The battle is to vanquish it – and with this

Steal this moment mix,

the Doctor has done this for your pleasure





  1. Don Air – Job Dub (Remix)
  2. Tribe Called Quest – Scenario (12″ Young Nation Remix)
  3.  DeeJay Punk-Roc – Rockin’ it (Roc Raider Rockin’ it Remix)
  4. The Troubleneck Brothers – Back to Hip Hop
  5. Richard Berry – Doin It – Ft. Shuggie Ottis on Guitar
  6. Laid Back – White Horse
  7. Arthur Russell – In the light of a Miracle
  8. Kate Bush – Running up that hill – (Heavy Disco Edit)
  9. Underworld – Blueski
  10. Eno – Golden Hour
  11. Robert Wyatt – In the Age of Self
  12. Roxy Music – For your pleasure

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