GOTW Vol 2. Show 28

Feb  20th  Monday 21.00hrs

Groove on the Wireless  Volume 2 – show # 28

Trapped in a future that he cannot operate, Dr. Groove does what he can with the tools that he can work, and that’s an hour of tunes old and new, that he beleives might fit together.  You know what side you should be on!  See you on the next march

Love & Rage

Dr. Groove


        1. Chumbawumba  ––> The Day the Nazi Died 
        2. Soccer 96 feat. Alabaster DePlume ––> I was Gonna Fight Fascism
        3. Rae & Christian ––> Swimming Pool
        4. Talking Heads ––> Drugs 
        5. The Wire  ––> In the Art of Stopping 
        6. Makaya McCraven ––> Flipped OUT
        7. Donald Fagen ––> I.G.Y.
        8. Sylvan Esso ––> How Did You Know
        9. The Comet Is Coming ––> March of the Rising Sun
        10. Norken ––> Southern Soul
        11. David Bowie ––> Heroes


        1. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––>>>

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