Groove On The Wireless 258

Regular listeners will be familiar with the festival named Groovefest which is an annual event that take place in high summer and consists of Dj-s playing on soundsystems for 3 days and nights.   Here is a show put together with some of the songs / tracks that I remember, but in reverse order.  So the last song that I thrashed around on the dance floor was CAN with Mother Sky.  A benjamin button thing…and we close with the song from Friday night, played by Alan O’Boyle formerly of Decal country.


Dr. G

  1. CAN –  Mother Sky
  2. Flock of Seagulls – Wishing I had a photograph of you
  3. Orange Juice – Rip it up
  4. The Beatles – Revolution
  5. Candi Station – Young Hearts Run Free
  6. Underground Resistance – Sex in Zero Gravity
  7. Aphex Twin – Polynominal-C
  8. Capricorn – 20 Hz
  9. Minnie Ripperton – Les Fleur
  10. Bahaus – Bella Lugois’s dead

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