Hang The Blessed DJ – Show #1

Greetings Earthlings!

Welcome to my first show on Radioactive International. Ooh I could crush a grape! (to be said in your best Stu Francis voice).

My shows will be going out every Friday @ 4pm GMT if anyone wants to tune in to the live stream.

This weeks show in a mix of 80’s post-punk and alt-pop, with a smattering of ambient electronica! No talking. Just music. Enjoy!!

Oh, if anyone has any requests, or just wants to say hello, drop me a line in the comments box.

Dave Shiel


Track Listing:

  • Slow Train To Dawn – The The
  • The Thinner The Air – Cocteau Twins
  • Love Like Blood – Killing Joke
  • The Figurehead – The Cure
  • Transmission – Joy Division
  • How Soon Is Now? – The Smiths
  • All That Money Wants – The Psychedelic Furs
  • Swimming Horses – Siousxie And The Banshees
  • Cars – Gary Numan
  • Wild Is The Wind – David Bowie
  • Tomorrow Started – Talk Talk
  • Dunwich Beach, Autumn, 1960 – Brian Eno