Hope Show 15

This weeks show comes amongst much thinking about the validity of the trade union movement in Ireland. There was a march last week in Dublin that had 60,000 people out on the street but little has happenend since except slipping back into the norm for the country. It seemed when there was over 100,000 people on the streets in ireland rallying against austerity that there could be a different dialect. That hasn’t happened. We have slipped back but what is the reason? I’m not sure. I do know that many people don’t want paycuts or austerity in the country but are prepared to do little about it. Does that mean acceptance? I don’t know. i do know that trade unions have a lot to offer society but in their current guise? There are plenty of positives but it’s up to members to change the organisations, can this happen though?

Playlist for your thoughts
1. Boredom – The Buzzcocks
2. Babysitter – Patrik Fitzgerald
3. Suicide Surprise – Wugazi
4. 80’s Life – The Good The Bad and The Queen
5. (Lord, It’s Hard to be Happy When you’re not) Using the metric system – Atom and his package
6. Don’t Want to know If you are lonely – Husker Du
7. World War 4 – Leftover Crack
8. Jogging Song (He’s Your Mister Right) – Mika Miko
9. Walk of Shame – Vanilla Pod
10. How can we make an empty bottle without killing anyone – One Excuse
11. Too Busy (Looking Good) – Donkey
12 + 13. Martin + Not Listening – Snuff
14. The Hook and the wire – Dog Faced Hermans
15. Split Personality – Paranoid Visions
16. Parkas and Flags – J Church
17. Lets Get Well – The Evens
18. Free Drug Zone – Seaweed
19. Fading – NRA
20. Long Live Palestine – Lowkey