Hope Show * 17

This Land Is Your Land – Hope Show *17
Back after a few weeks away decorating – tonights show is brought to you in a new room with records as my backdrop

Best Friend – Palma Violets
Someone Has His FIngers Broken – Black Eyes
Not Listeniang Anymore – Snuff
Who Crosses State Lines Without A Shirt – None More Black
Burn Guelph Burn – The St Catherines
We Lost It (Won The Race) – This Ain’t vegas
Slashing It Down – Flies On You
Good Man – Glimmerman
Should the bible Be beanned – McCarthy
Escape Artist – Sage Francis
My Boss SHould Pay Me More – Mike Scott
Marching – Robert Blake
Join The DOts – Citizen Fish
This Land – Zounds
Folk Music For the midlands – Jinx Lennon
Hey Kathleen, Are You Hungry – Defiance, Ohio
The Good Times – Hard Skin