Hope Show 43 – what a mic

Look at the ants go

1. Deathfix – Low Lying Dreams
2. Steve Ignorant + Paranoid Visions – Join The Dots
3. The Mob – Cry of a morning
4. BL’AST – Poison
6. The Bomb – Speed Is Everything
7. Airfix Kits – Playing Both Sides
8. Moutpiece – Black Banana
9. Talulah Gosh – Testcard Girl
10. Weakerthans – Night Window
11. Stay Clean Jolene – Green
12. The Wedding Present – THe thing I like best about him is his boyfriend
13. Duncan Redmonds – La La La Dickhead
14. The Roughneck Riot – No Sense Of Human
15. Atom and His Package – He Kissed Me
16. Hard SKin – Crack On, Have a Booze
17. Lungfish – Nation Saving Song
18. The Evens – warble factor

I’m doing this show on the night that Deathfix are playing in Brighton. It would be nice to be there but you can listen to them here instead.

Another band in the UK tonight is Paranoid Visions as they launch their album with Steve Ignorant. I played 2 songs last week and am gracing the album with a third tonight

I saw the Mob play with Paranoid Visions last year and was totally blown away. Their haunting sound is coupled by a strange haunting stage presence. Normally I have no time for bands who have no between song banter but with the Mob it seemed just right.

This new BL’AST album is a cracker. Re-issued form the 80’s BL’AST were kind of ignored in the shadow of Black Flag. I ignored them too, to my detriment

One band that would be worth travelling to the UK to see is The Bomb. THis Chicago 4 piece are doing a tour in December. They have ex members of Naked Raygun in their ranks, can’t you tell?

I got this Airfix Kits 7″ a couple of years ago. Singer Allan McNaughton used to be in Glue when he lived in Scotland. He has since moved Stateside and has played his way through a fair few different line-ups including this one

You may not hear fellow Radio Active dj, this show totally rocks, playing moutpiece, due to his modesty. He should thoug, he’s in the band and damn fine they are too

Talulah Gosh are an old pleasure of mine. I was so excited to hear there is a compilation album out. Check it out.

I’ve referenced the weakerthans on many shows. What with members being in Propogandhi, Good Luck and the link to Greg McPherson band. Thought it was time you should hear them again

Stay Clean Jolene 7″ is new to me. I played it last week and it’s so good it’s getting another airing this week.

The first time I saw the Wedding Present must have been 27 years agoo. They are touring again. Prolific.

Duncan redmonds is still playing in many guises, be that solo or with Billy No Mates, Snuff or the Toy DOlls. This man is prolific and great. His Bubble and Squeek album from a couple of years ago has some great collabarations, such as this one with FAt Mike

I mentioned a while ago I saw Roughneck Riot in Rebellion. The sound was awful but there was something about the performance that intrigued me. It wasn’t just the mix of instruments or the fact that here was a band with energy singing about something. Actually that was it

Atom and His Package are here because it is a nice song about something that deosn’t get sung about too much,

Hard Skin played Dublin this year, a complete mess, shambolic noise but such fun. Great fun

Lungfish can never fail to disappoint. So many albums, so many great songs

The microphone is dreadful tonight. I was getting complacent as it had been ok for the past few weeks. Back to the drawing board but in the meantime three songs from three bands on dischord records tonight. the evens make up the threesome. Thanks for listening