Hope Show 46 New Model Army Tribute

Hope Show *46

It matters less what you say it matters what you are

1 Stupid Questions
2 March In September
3 Lean Back And Fall
4 Vengeance
5 Better Than Them
6 Modern Times (Acoustic)
7 Stormclouds
8 Did you make it Safe
9 My Country
10 No rest For The Wicked
11 I Love The World
12 Tomorrow Came
13 Summer Moors
14 Spirit Of The Falklands
15 51st State
16 Green And Grey

I interviewed NMA for thumped.com but the recording didn’t come out. Tonight’s show was going to be a special on that interview but still we have the music.

NMA played in Whelans last night and it was as intense an affair as the first time they played Dublin in 1985. Real difference is they have now 10 albums to choose their set from. What a selection.

The new album between Dog And Wolf is a haunting record of sound and intensity. I have played many songs from that record and included some quotes from our chat and interspersed with tracks from the years. What a band.