hope show number 20

hope show number 20 – the playlist

Lessons Learned from Rocky I to Rocky III- Cornershop
Spanish Glass – Fawn Spots
Prisoner of light – All Scars
Whatever Happened to the likely lads – Snuff
I hate the kids – Hot Snakes
Glory Glory Garry Thompson – Geoffrey Oicott
Mayday – Channels
Universally Challenged – Bedford Falls
Home – Naked Raygun
Bad Scene, Everyone’s Fault – Jawbreaker
Arms Aloft – Joe Strummer
Going Home – Joe Solo
There’s No way punk was meant to be done – Latterman
Antifa Hooligan – Los Fastidios
Waiting Room – Emm Gryner
Forget about it – Ginger Wildheart
Lev Bronstein – Redskins
Blitzkrieg Bop – Newtown Neurotics