Hope Show Number 30

1. Damien Dempsey – Dublin Town
2. 11Paranoias – Reapers Ruin
3. Sonic Youth – Catholic Block
4. Paranoid Visions – Poles Apart
5. Integrity – Suicide Black Snake
6. The Hives – T.H.E. H.I.V.E.S.
7. Black Eyes – Someone Has His Fingers Broken
8. Grant Hart – Awake, Arise
9. The Ex – Walt’s Disneyland
10. Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip – Angles
11. Glimmermen – This town
12. Soccer 96 – Aquarius
13. Who Shot Who – No Treaty No Mercy
14. Rudimentary Peni – The Horrors IN the Museum

Damien Dempsey is Ireleand’s Vegemite, you love him or hate him, no inbetween. I think he’s great. He grew up near my home and I feel he is one of ours. Dublin Town is about my town. “This is a love song, cos I love my people” I cringe with delight and pride whenever I hear this.

11Paranoias is from their debut album, superunatural, kind of like dublin these days. It is dark and heavy and strangely alluring. It is doomy but when the headphones are on it is somewhere to get lost

Catholic Block is a song from my youth, I saw Sonic Youth in McGOnagles, it was one of many great gigs in that long lost Dublin venue. I think I will do a show on them soon.

I did see Paranoid Visions in McGonagles and most other now closed down venues in Dublin. I have been singing the prasies of their latest album, escape from the austerity complex for quite a while now and Poles Apart is from this

Integrity are coming to Dublin this week, it is adding to a heavy show tonight and there will be some heaviness going down at fibbers this week

There’s something about the Hives that I love and it’s not the suits that they wear. T.H.E. H.I.V.E.S. is from their Black and white album which is a real rocker

This Hives song reminds me a bit of Black Eyes, kind of a distant disco relation but I like to have any excuse to play Black Eyes. Someone Has His Fingers Broken has me jumping around this room. great music for headphones.

So what about Grant Hart? Can you believe he has a new album out? Called the Argument? Awake, Arise is from this. It doesn’t disappoint

When the ex and dog faced hermans came to town back on November 5 1991 i had acheived all I needed to in life up to that point. I’d seen all i needed to see and woould have gladly travelled on that custom bus the bands were using to travel around Europe. Of course I’m glad now I chose to stay in glorious Dublin town as my life took a glorious journey but that night November 5 I will rembmer for ever. They didn’t play Walt’s Disneyland as the album this is on, Dizzy Spells, didn’t come out until a decade later but their two shows in Dublin that night were memorable, life affirming. You’d have to have been there, truly remarkable

Dan Le Sac and scroobius Pip are coming back to dublin in October Try and get there if you can

Glimmermen have a new album out. It is being launched in a couple of weeks. Self released local boys, any chance you can buy it?

Soccer 96 are from Brighton, nearly my favourite UK city. There is a compilation out now called Sea Monsters. It is the third year in a row to see such a comp Soccer 96 is a band name, to catch anyones eye. Mexico wasn’t it?

I saw Who Shot Who last year and the lead singer was dressed as a prioest, I knew he wasn’t one but I still wanted to confess my sins to the man, thankfully I only told him how long it was since my last confession and he let me pass with no treaty nomercy.

I’ve never seen Rudimentary Peni live but would have loved to. Cacaphony album has just been re-released on Southern and is a class album. I could have played any of the 30 tracks but the horrors in the museum gives a good indication of the band