Hope Show

Hope show returns after a long break , it’s not Saturday afternoon and I’ve no football results to read out but there’s plenty of songs to keep you occupied. Hope Show was set up to let people know about bands that we (Hope Promotions / Collective) were putting on in Ireland and also to pass on some sounds we felt were worthwhile, oh and also to give the football results)

1. Good times are back – TV Smith
2. Austerity Complex – Paranoid Visions
3. Last Chance for the Clientele Kid – Wugazi
4. Allotment No 44 – Duncan Redmonds and Frankie Stubbs
5. Riot!Riot! – Goldblade
6. Aint Gonna Be a pawn no more – Joe Solo
7. You are never alone – Vic Chestnut
8. Benediction – Thurston Moore
9. Bus Driver – Tim Barry
10. Reunion Tour – The Weakerthans
11. Burn Guelph Burn – The St Catherines
12. The Revisionist – Lawrence Arms
13. Armagideon Time – The Clash
14. Not Listening – Snuff
15. Unity – Operation Ivy
16. Does Anyone Know where the march is – Newtown Neurotics