How to Listen

How to listen to Radioactive International:

Visit our website
and either select the live stream (the link is available on the top right of all pages) to hear the very latest shows or browse through the presenter pages and select shows to listen to on-demand.

Listen on an Internet Radio, search your radios database or add it to your favourite stations via the radio’s web portal, two of the popular portals are and

RTFM check  your radios manual to see which one it uses. When it asks for the stream url add this 
 for all the shows, but if you want to hone in on one specific  DJ/Show then try this style of link most pages on this site have RSS links beside the DJ name this is where you’ll find your favorite DJ rss feed

Internet connected phones  are a great way to listen to us, keeping up with app development is not something we have a lot of time for as we’re busy making shows, but the best way to listen to the live stream is with the TuneIn app available for all major phone types, just search for “Radioactive International” and you’ll find our live stream. Most phones have a podcast function or an app that can do it for free so add the rss feed details mentioned above.

The website player will also play all the on demand shows  and live stream in a web browser on all major phone platforms.

Smart TVs can also play Radioactive International programs, either via their web browser or if it is an Android system like Google TV or Chromecast you can download our Android APP from the Google Play Store

The  PSP  is a great way to to listen to our On-Demand programs.  It allows for RSS feeds to be added, here is a detailed guide on how to do it. Whats great about the PSP as a radio device is that once it’s playing you can’t do much else with the device like on tablets and phones so no distractions while you lean back and enjoy the sounds, the screen can be turned off by holding down the screen button for 3 seconds and a sleep timer can be set, so it turns off at the end of the show so it saves battery.

If you’re into a bit of hacking? why not try build your own internet radio, the Raspberry Pi would be a great place to start, do a  YUM or APT-GET install of VLC and the run the command “vlc″ if you want to take it a bit further you could use the Pi to transmit on FM and send the signal around your area, check out the PiFM project for details then pipe the output of your VLC to the PiFM like we did here

mkfifo /tmp/radio
vlc vlc://quit --intf=dummy --sout='#transcode{acodec=s16l,ab=16,samplerate=22050,channels=1}:std{access=file,mux=dummy,dst=-}' > /tmp/radio
#in another terminal
sudo ./pifm /tmp/radio 107.9

And with that you could amplify the signal with an amplifier from these great guys at Free Radio Berkeley