Plague Tapes #74

Thursday, 31st 18.00hrs

Plague Tapes #74

Final show in this poxy year and the news continues to worsen.  See below.  Dr. Groove is going to call this the year of scary monsters and super creeps, and that determines our first tune.  Then we relax into some jazz after a bit of thumping electrobank.  

NEWS with Andrew at 71mins

News: with Andrew

Andrew brings us all the news on the last day of this year when we expect that the numbers here on a day when we expect that to post the worst figures of the year.  2000 cases in Northern Ireland.  We could break 6000 on the island today.  The curves are all very steep and going up, in the wrong direction.  The English variant is also here, where they found it in 10% of the cases.  We examine capacity in terms of hospitalisations and then we look at contact tracing.  Given the amount of Covid that is out there, if you have symptoms you should just isolate and put yourself down for a test and behave as if you have it.  There is a lag – so the Christmas day impact will only really appear on day 7 following it.  We are going into a lockdown for at least a month, and most likely for longer.  This is going to be grim, and we have gone from dealing well with the second wave, to being headline news, because we are the fastest increasing incidence rate for the virus in Europe.  

There is some good news at the end, so listen out for that.

Mind each other out there.

Love & Rage

Dr. Groove


  1. David Bowie —>  Scary Monsters (and super creeps)
  2. Velvet Underground  ––> Oh! Sweet Nothin’ 
  3. Dub Tractor —>  W30
  4. Chemical Brothers  —> Electrobank (Full Length)
  5. Atomic Dogs  —> Through the Wire
  6. Transglobal Underground  —>  Hyme to Us
  7. Ramsey Lewis ––> Dear Prudence 
  8. Alice Coltrane   —> A Love Supreme 
  9. Herbie Hancock  —> Dolphin Dance 
  10. Alabaster DePlume—>  I hope

NEWS – With Andrew:  See above for more details, we now know that there is a backlog of 4000 cases.

11.   John Martyn—>  Couldn’t Love you More