Radio Cure #9 – You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)


The theme of the show this week is names. Which was suprising easy to compile. No talking this week due to lack of time.



Foo Fighters – Oh, George

Ben Kweller – Ann Disaster

Blind Melon – Vernie

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Charlie

Pearl Jam – Lukin

Crystal Castles – Alice Practice

Foster The People – Helena Beat

Grimes – Vanessa

Iron And Wine – Jezabel

Nirvana – Polly

The Beatles – Anna (Go With Him)

Tom Waits – Martha

Cassie Franklin – Lady Margaret

Bob Dylan – Corina, Corina

Jodie Holland – Mad Tom Of Bedlam

Buddy Holly – Peggy Sue

Sonic Youth – Tom Violence

The Sonics – Louie Louie




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